Phishing/SPAM Example Series – Number 2


Photo by Brady Rogers on Unsplash

Here is another “PayPal” email. This one purports to be “looking out” for me.

  1. All the links in the email (including the “change your password” and “Help & Contact” lead to
  2. Also note the actual email address (“”), that has nothing to do with PayPal.
  3. Notice how they try to get you by providing a link to “change your password” if this wasn’t you. Of course it wasn’t you, so they are trying to get you to click on the link and give up your credentials.
  4. I love the “PayPal is committed to preventing fraudulent emails. Emails from PayPal will always contain your full name” message. That in itself says this is fraud since it does not contain my full name.

When I look the URL up the “” address using VirusTotal and Wheregoes which is a tool for tracking the redirection path of URLs, the VirusTotal marks the url as malicious and phishing.