Here are a few of the mini apps I’ve made for myself. Hopefully they can be useful to others. They are provided free of charge. No warranty. No support but feel free to email, post, and I will attempt to fix or help out. Of course, if you find them useful and feel inclined to throw some money my way, feel free to click on the PayPal button down below 🙂


JBMail – Send emails at regular intervals. No install. Unzip the file, launch the exe, hit the Load Config to load a generic config. Configure and hit Send.

Download JBMail (zipped – 33 KB)    md5 checksum of zip: d58a9a5a017738c0e6982dacee6c9cde

epoch Time Converter – Convert from epoch time to something more recognizable. Small exe file. Nothing to install.

Download Time Converter (40 KB)   md5 checksum of exe:   f6395a5f3b89a936e984162ae1ab5731

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