Gizmodo: 30GB Zunes Failing Everywhere!!

Wow, this is a story worth watching. Reports are coming in from all over, that the 30GB Zunes are freezing up during bootup:

Apparently, around 2:00 AM today, the Zune models either reset, or were already off. Upon when turning on, the thing loads up and… freezes with a full loading bar .

We’re getting tons of reports—tons—about failing Zune 30s. Apparently, the players began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless. The crisis has been dubbed by Zune users ‘Z2K9’, due to the apparently synchronized faceplantings across the country.

One thought on “Gizmodo: 30GB Zunes Failing Everywhere!!

  1. CBS: How do you explain Zunes all over the world all shutting down at the same time then sir?
    Shahaf: Only an infidel would believe dis LIE! Yes the Zunes strategically reset themselves and went into self-improvement mode for 24 hours! Dis was not a bug! It was a feature! The Zunes needed a vacation! Does not the godless staff of CBS the same?

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