Send Emails At Regular Intervals

I’m a network admin, and as such, maintain an Exchange server with a Barracuda spam filter. I needed something that could send an email to myself, from the outside, so that I can be sure my server is accepting emails and the spam filter is passing them through, and eventually get it on my iPhone. Almost like a path test. Of course, I could just send myself an email from time to time from my yahoo or gmail account, but I wanted something automated, that would send at regular intervals.  Before I get the dreaded call from a user saying “Hey, I haven’t gotten any emails from the outside world in a few hours! What gives?”. So I wrote this little VB app. It doesn’t save passwords, so you have to enter it every time you start it up. It’s pretty self explanatory. AND it’s a work in progress.  You can hit the ‘Load Config’ button to load a generic config to start you off. If you’re sending from Gmail and you use Two-Factor Authentication, be sure to create an app password and use that.

Head to the Downloads page if you want to try it out.  Feel free to post comments, suggestions, bugs, etc, back here.